The KINGinme Group is a local youth movement with global impact that has decided to take responsibility for inspiring, encouraging and empowering the next generation. Thus, we will partner with GOD in order to rebuild the walls of South Africa through reviving and transforming the youth to become the transformational, legacy leaders of tomorrow, today.

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We will by the grace of GOD inspire, impact and influence generations to come by training and instructing the youth in the ways of GOD to the glory of GOD! 

We will take courage, we will take charge and we will be committed to the young people. For the future and health of a nation is determined by the health of the youth! We will not allow the enemy to destroy the youth any longer! We say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! WE MUST RISE UP, STEP UP, SHOW UP, ALWAYS LOOK UP AND LIVE A LIFE LAYED DOWN SO THAT THE YOUTH CAN LIVE! WE WILL BE OBEDIENT TO THE INSTRUCTIONS GOD GAVE US TO INSPIRE, IMPACT AND INFLUENCE THE YOUNG CHAMPIONS TO ARISE AND TO BE THE SALT, TO BE THE LIGHT, TO BE A BLESSING AND BECOME ALL THAT GOD HAS CALLED THEM TO BE!

The words of Marian Wright Edelman ring in our ears which state; “The question is not whether we can afford to invest in every child; it is whether we can afford not to.”  which aligns with the mandate that JESUS gave us in Matthew 19:14; But He said, “Leave the children alone, and do not forbid them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 

‘A youth that has an inspired vision and mission is a youth that can inspire, impact and influence the world!’ William Moyses. 

We must prepare the young champions to take courage and to take charge in the religion mountain, business mountain, media mountain, government mountain, arts and entertainment mountain, family mountain and education mountain to the glory of GOD and not self by expanding GOD’S kingdom and expressing HIS nature! 

Therefore, by GOD’s grace we will partner with GOD and inspire, impact and influence 1 Billion young people by 2050 through various media, platforms, speaking engagements and events as we wait on the LORD for the next phase! We will annually go from glory to glory and reach, inspire, encourage and empower more youth. We will LORD-willingly plant kingdom-class, high-energy, loving and purposeful youth leadership academies called the KINGinme LIFE Academy that holistically develops the youth nationally and serve as an example to the world as to what youth development and empowerment is all about!  We will be great stewards of what GOD has given us for it is a privilege to be a part of what HE is doing! Children are gifts from HIM! They are precious and filled with potential that can change the world and we know that our GOD will strengthen our hands and make our work a success! 

We will be faithful, obedient to GOD and sincere in our worship towards HIM and HIM alone! We will be a people of GODLY integrity, purity and justice that are rooted in and established in the righteousness of CHRIST that overflow with thankfulness towards HIM! 

Every young champion has potential! Every young champion carries a gift that can impact the person next to them! Every young champion has a purpose! Every young champion has a divine destiny! Every young champion is valuable! Every young champion matters! Every young champion is loved by GOD, our FATHER! Every young champion is worthy of the blood of JESUS!

Isaiah 61:1-4 & Acts 2:17-21, Isaiah 44:1-5


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